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Open to all in the AB37 9xx Post Code Area
How it Operates
The club coordinates the purchase of heating oil for members in the area covered by the postcode Ab37 9... saving the
residents of Ballindalloch hundred of pounds a year on their heating oil bills.

Savings can be up to 10% by using the club’s purchasing muscle and seeking the best price from local oil suppliers

The club is run by Brian Fowler who coordinates orders quarterly from club members.

Membership of the club is free and is open to all residents of Ballindalloch. It receives no income from either members of
the club or the oil suppliers with all of the benefit of coordinating orders going to its members.

The current total membership is over 60 .

How it works

1. Quarterly i.e. mid September, late November, late February and mid June Brian emails all club members advising the
current price quoted by a couple of local oil suppliers for 1000 litres asking for orders by a specific date.

2. If members wish to place an order they respond by email providing their address including post code, telephone
number, delivery instructions and order (number of litres required) to the email address on this page. If there is an
urgency in delivery then members should detail this.

3. After totalling up the orders received Brian contacts the local oil suppliers and places the cumulative order with the
company offering the best price. This is on the strict understanding the supply contract is between the club member
and the oil supplier and hence each member will be invoiced separately.

4. Members who have made an order are advised by email of the supplier, price and expected date of delivery.

5. The normal terms of trade by oil suppliers is if no account is held then payment is required before delivery. An
account is opened by a supplier if the supplier has made a delivery to the member in the past and as such payment
is due 10/15 days following the end of the month in which the delivery is received. Note some suppliers add a
further 2%/2.5% to the account if payment is made by a credit card so payment by a debit card is recommended.

6. Delivery is normally made within ten days of the order being placed with the supplier.

If you know of prospective members who do not have access to the internet advise them to contact Brian Fowler by
telephone or post who will be pleased to make arrangements for them to become active club members.

Brian Fowler
Banffshire AB37 9EB
Te: 01807 590458

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